Collection: Sittable Lids

A sittable lid on a bidet seat is one of the most overlooked features.  Many customers are so used to toilet seats that have lids that can be sat on, they just assume bidet seats also have lids that can be sat on.

While some bidet seats offer lids that can be sat on, they are a lot less common then expected.  This is because the hardware and other components are located in the back of a bidet seat.  Enabling the seat to withstand additional weight while protecting the bidet's working parts is more involved then one might think.

To make the lid of a bidet seat sittable, the manufacturer has to look at multiple facets of the design while maintaining the overall quality of the components, ease of use and design. With all these requirements, it's easy to see why so few bidet seats offer sittable lids. However, if you like to sit on the lid for painting toenails, drying your feet, or helping someone who's in the tub, getting a bidet with a sittable seat is a must!