Manufacturer’s Warranty

Because we are an authorized dealer for the brands we represent, the products you purchase from Everflow Bidets, are entitled to the warranty offered by the manufacture.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

A Manufacturer’s Warranty is a warranty specifically offered by the original manufacturer of the product. It can vary from a limited warranty to a full warranty including parts and labors. These warranties are almost always included for the bidets we sell, even if you’ve received special pricing. 

That means the manufacturer will repair the product within a certain time period if there are any manufacturing or other defects found in it after the purchase.  Information about a manufacturer’s warranty is available on the Warranty tab on each product page.

Extended Warranty

Some manufactures offer an extended warranty for an additional fee. These extended warranties need to be purchased at checkout. Extended warranties tend to be full warranties that cover 100% of parts and labor over an extended period.  However, they are required to be purchased with the product and, in most cases, cannot be purchased after the original sale.  Everflow bidets, in our sole discretion, may or may not offer to sell an extended warranty.

If you have questions about warranties, feel free to contact us.