Collection: Aging In Place


Going to the bathroom becomes more challenging with age. On average, people use the toilet 5-7 times a day. It’s one of the most basic activities of daily living and is a common reason for older adults to start losing their independence.

When older adults start losing the strength, flexibility, and balance needed to safely use the toilet and clean themselves, each trip can become a dangerous and exhausting challenge. This could lead to poor hygiene, potential urinary tract infections, or even falls and having someone aid in the toileting process can be uncomfortable or even traumatic for aging adults.

A simple product that can help seniors be more independent in the bathroom is a bidet. Bidets help by:

      • Improving hygiene by removing the struggle of wiping
      • Reducing urinary tract infection (UTI) risk through improved hygiene
      • Protecting delicate skin – no more wiping with paper
      • Reducing fall risk – no more bending or twisting to clean up, saves strength for safe sitting and standing
      • Making seniors more willing to go to the bathroom because it’s no longer a chore
      • For less independent older adults or those with incontinence, a bidet makes it much easier for you keep those essential parts clean without having to convince them to take a shower or bath.
The following products offer easy to use bidet seats as well as ADA* compliant bidet toilet combinations.

*ADA compliant refers to a toilet height of at least 17 inches from the floor to the top of the seat.