Collection: Bidet Toilets

Whether you call it a Japanese Toilet, Smart Toilet, Shower Toilet, Integrated Bidet Toilet or simply a Bidet Toilet, people are taking their bathrooms to the next level.  Bidet Toilets not only look great, they offer more sitting space than the average toilet seat or bidet seat, making them one of the most comfortable bidet options around. Plus, the wide range of features maximize relaxation and convenience from start to finish. Depending on the model, bidet toilets’ features can include an automatic open and close lid, automatic flushing, warm seat, multiple wash modes, unlimited warm water, a warm air dryer, user presets, nozzle sterilization, deodorizer, night light, and much more.  You can even get one that is ADA compliant.

All of these features are built into the toilet itself, resulting in an unbeatably sleek beautiful profile. The tankless design eliminates bulk, resulting in a contemporary silhouette that instantly elevates the look of any bathroom.