Collection: Travel Bidets

Once you invest in a bidet in your home, it is hard to go back to toilet paper when you're on the road. A travel bidet is so much better than using hotel toilet paper or carrying your own. You can feel clean, refreshed and confident wherever you go....and they easily fit in your carry-on.

When choosing the right portable bidet option for you, it’s a good idea to consider the following aspects:

      • Size – Some travel bidets are bigger than others. If you’re limited on packing space or want a more discreet option, you may want to look at the more compact bidet options.
      • Price – Portable bidet quality ranges from two-piece, plastic devices all the way up to button-operated electronic options. This change in quality obviously comes with a difference in the price you pay.
      • Manual or Electric – Manual bidets require you to squeeze the water tank to generate water flow, while electronic options have a button(s) to provide you with a more relaxed and effortless cleaning experience.
      • Nozzle Length – You may want to consider the length of the nozzle if you have limited flexibility or particularly short arms. Some models are designed with extra-long nozzles to ensure you can cover every inch you need to.

And here is our list of top portable bidets that you can use the next time you travel, especially to a remote location.